JR Fitness is a locally-owned fitness company founded in September 2014 over a casual coffee session by co-founders Jing and Rachael. They started out renting studios to conduct classes. Now they have a beautiful studio conveniently located at Tan Quee Lan street, which is right at Bugis MRT! The vibrant studio brings customers loads of fun and sweat. Do join them!

They had a first Joomla website initially developed by Oroshin and later updated and maintained by themselves. They wanted a switch to Wordpress with a revamped look to better represent the vibrant and chic studio & team.

The slider used can be device specific design, they can have a banner specific for tablets and another for mobile phones. This slider is SEO friendly, the words on the slider can be searchable by Google. It has easy-to-use point and click interface, live preview, alignment guides so intuitive and that allows JR fitness to change the banners easily and the template is great for in-house maintenance.

This website is made on Wordpress and updated by JR Fitness.

Before Revamp:

After Revamp:


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