Thousands of businesses in Singapore have leveraged the power of highly targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing to maximize their marketing returns. Have you?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is also called paid search or paid placement. PPC is a revolutionary internet marketing method that is gaining a strong foothold in the marketing and advertising industry globally and in Singapore in recent years. ClickMedia offers PPC Singapore consulting services to help you leverage on this powerful marketing strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising has a number of distinct advantages over the more traditional online advertising media like banner ads, and even offline advertising mediums like radio and TV. Here's why:

  • Immediacy - Your ads can appear on the first page of the search engine within 15 minutes.
  • Cost Effective - Cost is incurred only when your ad is clicked on and someone visits your site. This is a big departure from traditional media where the ad is paid for whether it is viewed or not.
  • Wide-Exposure - Eight out of ten web sessions begin with a search at a search engine. Pay-per-click advertising guarantees your ads are displayed when prospects search for your product or service.
  • Relevant - Your ads only show up for keywords specified. In addition, you can even specify the countries you wish to display your ads. This reduces increased ad relevancy and effectiveness.
  • Controllable - You can control how much you bid on each key word and limit how much you spend on your ad budget each day. You can ramp up, ramp down, turn on or turn off campaigns at a moment’s notice. You have tight control over budgetary spend and it allows you to tie in your PPC campaign spending with other marketing activities.
  • Measurable -Your pay-per-click campaigns can be assessed via reports on a regular basis ensuring that the cost of acquiring a client does not exceed your pre-set limits.
  • Higher Conversion - PPC ads enjoy higher conversion rates compared to other advertising mediums because a PPC ad is displayed only when a relevant keyword is searched for.

Check out this guide below to help you evaluate a Google Adwords Third Party Partner:

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