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Some sample brochure designs:

Starting up a new business? Yes, logo is one of the first marketing visual you need. Or do you need a fresh breath on your logo because it no longer can represent what you are and what you want to be? Logo design is a basic step at branding. We help you find your voice in this basic yet important step.   

Not too convinced about image marketing? Studies find that even children who are too young to read can recognize and understand corporate logos! Recognising MacDonald's or Disney is not a problem with toddlers. A logo defines and represent your corporate identity. Can you afford not to take it seriously? 

Whether you are starting a company or looking to revamp or enhance your existing logo, it does not have to be expensive or tedious. With our experience and systematic approach to find out what you want to achieve,  we can help you achieve your corporate image and identity affordably and effectively.

We have a team of specialist that will help you create eCover Designs whether it is for your product launches or to be used as a marketing tool.

The Benefits you get from having eCover Designs

  • Professional looking images of your products
  • Increased perceived value of your products
  • Brand improvement
  • Can be used for all your marketing campaign

Why Choose Oroshin?

  • Low Cost & High Quality
  • Fast Turnover of 2-3 days
  • High Resolution image files (that can be used for industry printing)