We've got you covered! For all the logo design packages, we will deliver the following, even if you do not know what you need, we've got you covered. These are what you can use the deliverables for. Website, business card printing, corporate gift printing, signage, brocchure design, flyer design, stationary design, window display printing, etc. And oh yes, we do most of these designs. Do enquire with Oroshin and let us make you a coffee.

9 Deliverables of Logo Design 

1. AI Colour (full colored, RGB file)
2. AI Black & White
3. JPG & GIF color (RGB)
4. JPG & GIF (black & white)
5. PNG
6. TIFF (300dpi) (full colored, RGB file)
7. TIFF (black & white)
8. fonts
9. favicon

Any other questions? FAQ:

  • How much do you charge for logo design?

    Find out Oroshin's Logo Design Singapore Price (sometimes we have promotions, watch out for side pop-ups for that)


  • What information do I need to prepare to give to you to facilitate the logo design?

    a. Let us know your company name or/and brand name & a bit about what your business is about.
    b. If you have your mission & vision stated, do let us know (optional) 
    c. Preferred colour scheme or colours to work with (optional) 
    d. Concept(s) that you like (optional)
    e. Any other requirement / preference (optional)


  • How much do you charge for logo revamp?

    Yes, we understand there are times when your logo no longer represent what you are and you need a fresh look or you simply do not have the deliverables for your current logo. The same Logo Design Packages apply. You may choose from the packages.  


  • How long does it take before I can see the logo concepts?

    With the information we need and payment received, you can see a logo concept as fast as 1 work day later! However, do note that for you to get the deliverables, it depends on your feedback and revisions required, which will likely take at least another 3 work days.