Joomla / Wordpress Soho

  • We know you are busy - that's why it takes only a half day
  • Minimal or no coding knowledge needed!
  • No more having to delay the update of your website content due having to liaise with web developer

You will discover how easy it is to do the following:

1. Update your website content quickly, with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor (similar to Word's editor) without having to know any coding
2. Update your blog and generate more traffic for your business
3. What meta keyword and description is and how to write them
4. How to create categories and sections
5. Resize pictures and upload them to your website using ftp
6. Use the Directory Listing / Google Calendar / Multi Language Integration / Gallery, etc plugins & functions installed on your website  

2 Day Website Mastery Course for INTERNET MARKETERSlogo-wp-joomla-s

  • The only website Mastery Course for Internet Marketers
  • You do not prior skills or experience (you can be a total beginner or an accredited professional)
  • Not one but TWO quick websites that will immediately boost your Marketing Bottom line!
  • No Website = No online real estate (no matter how good an internet marketer you are). Learn a skill that can help you become an online real estate mogul 
  • Learn the short cut to start adding Serious Marketing Websites 
  • Flip websites for quick profits
  • You need not be hunky, strong or agile. Many best internet marketers were technical idiots, out-of-shape and clumsy when they started out
  • In only 2 short days, you can be transformed from an Absolute Beginner to a Kick-Ass Web Master! 

You will discover the following:

1. Learn how to build CMS (Content Management System) websites worth at least $1,000 on the market
2. How to create your business website from scratch with minimal programming knowledge 
3. How easy it is to have your website SEO (Search Engine Optimized) ready using Joomla
4. What to get out of your visitors so as to provide better services for them in future and getting them to come back to you again and again!
5. The lazy way of Internet Marketers - Replicate a Joomla and WordPress website in 10 minutes and do away with the installations and configurations
6. The Website Mastery's internet marketing strategy that can take you a long time to realize on your own (if you ever do) 
7. Walk out of the course at the end of the 2 days with not one but 2 websites, ready to rock and roll
8. Three "optimisation tweaks" that only geeks will know and how they can boost your conversion from your website dramatically
9. How to generate lots of content for your website and pay the lowest you can possibly get
10. And if you think you are slow, come back the following course to revise again, for FREE!