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Pay only 60% of website development cost, and last boat is moving off soon!

Yes most Singapore companies know about PIC grant. But not all have utilised it or utilised it for website related cost. Yes, you may have a website already, but you may want to add an eCommerce or other functionality to improve productivity on your sales and marketing process on your website. Like have a training booking system, room reservation system, directory, portfolio, memberships and subscriptions, payment integrations, CRM, adding multi language functionality, events and calendars, etc. When in doubt, sms us at 81270650 and we will get your question answered. And bear in mind, this opportunity is only until end of this year only. If you do not know much about this PIC grant, read on ;) 

Quick introduction on PIC

If you do not already know what PIC is, PIC is Productivity and Innovation Credit (dispensed under IRAS). As the name states, It is a grant set up to encourage companies to invest in productivity and innovation projects. This grant has been ongoing for years. However, according to Singapore Budget, it will be available till YA2018 (that is, till this year end, 2017). A business may claim expenditure of:

  • 400% tax deductions
  • 40% cash rebate on allowable expenditure

Is website cost PIC claimable?

Many Singapore SMEs have asked if web design costs can be PIC claimable, so here is the answer, it depends if you have an existing website or not and nature of the costs.

Do not have existing website?
Yes, PIC may be claimed on:

  • capital expenditure incurred on developing a website (including software development, CMS, etc) 
  • one-time registration of a domain name for the website
  • hardwares and servers

Have existing website?

No, The revamp or redo of website does NOT qualify for PIC

Yes, PIC may be claimed on:

  • addition of e-commerce functionality to website
  • addition of backend software development to support functions (eg. addition of booking system, event management, etc)
  • enhancing website to become mobile responsive

What other website-related costs are NOT PIC claimable?

  • updating of website content, etc,
  • support and website maintenance services

6 Categories of activities allowable under PIC:

  1. Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment
  2. Training of Employees
  3. Acquisition and licensing of Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Registration of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Plant Varieties
  5. Research & Development
  6. Investment in Design Projects

So, website-related costs is categorised under Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment.

Qualification for Cash Payout

  • at least 3 CPF paying employees (for the relevant months)
    (Note: EXCLUDING sole-proprietors, partners, shareholders and directors of the company)
  • carry on business operation in Singapore.

Still have questions on the PIC grant? Visit PIC Singapore page at IRAS or call IRAS.

Last chance – Don’t miss the boat

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